The Akai SXL is a 16 bit professional stereo digital sampler. Accessories: AC power cable, operators manual, O/S disk, MESA disk, Demo Sequence disk. SXL Operator’s Manual – Version iii WARANTY WARRANTY AKAI Electric Co. Ltd. warrants its products, when purchased from an authorized “AKAI . Hi, I just bought an Akai S Sampler without manual. I didn’t find one with google (just the xl Version, which is diffrent). Akai Pro wrote me, that they bought .

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The wiring of the plug is as follows: What Is Sampling When you know the exact number you want to enter, this can be faster than using the DATA control, but when experimenting for example, when setting loop points or sample majual and end timesthe DATA control may be faster than the numeric keypad. This also serves as a form of ‘undo’ – if you make some kind of mistake in your programming and editing and can’t fix it, akia can load the last level of editing back into the sampler.

Stereo Pitch Shift Effects repeats for the sound.

Akai S3200XL Manuals

As long as you don’t press the SAVE key and accidentally overwrite your floppy disk or hard disk volume, you can’t damage your sounds permanently or manuaal to any harm you can’t damage a CD-ROM as it’s a read only device. Making A Good Loop As a result, it is vital that you save your work to disk before turning the power off otherwise you will lose your work and, aai previously saved, it will be gone for ever.

In a layered string or vocal ensemble, by applying this to just one akaai the layers, you nanual create interesting chorus effects as each note has a slightly different detune amount. MULTI mode as this is more in keeping with how other sound modules work these days. Once in a keygroup, the sample may be passed through resonant filters for tonal modification, through amplifiers for amplitude control and through a pan section for stereo placement.

A single program, part or keygroup cannot be sent to more than one effects channel. Page The type of sounds created here can be long evolving sounds which may find a place in soundtrack work as they can be very dramatic. You have a string sound and a piano sound that you want to play together. It can also be effectively used on solo and ensemble strings and brass.


This indicates that the SXL is receiving the digital signal through the digital interface. Pressing will load the chosen file s into memory aoai deleting anything first. When editing RV3 or RV4, you may only copy reverb presets: Another example may akau to create a string guitar out of an ordinary acoustic guitar program.

You may route the mod wheel to open the filter in a brass program for swells and growls. Though some keyboards do not accept or transmit this, assuming a mean value of 64, all AKAI keyboards provide a full implementation of this function.

Here, we have five keygroups, each using the four zones. Deleting samples and rearranging memory space may take a little time, so be patient while this takes place. There are some important things to note when using the disk record functions, however. You may TRIM it – that is, remove any unwanted audio from the start or end.

English manual for the Akai S – Home Recording forums

With that in mind, you may like to skip a lot of this section as it really refers to the ‘old method’ of using earlier Akai samplers. Lfo1 This selects LFO 1 as the modulation source.

These are used when synchronising s32000xl Qlist to timecode. When pressed, it will show the current effects channel i. When these are pressed, they will show according to which key you pressed. Only that program will be renumbered. The SXL allows you to allocate a certain part of your hard disk for sound library and a certain part for disk recordings. This sets the rate of LF This is particularly useful on sounds with long releases. If the samples are used in other programs, then you will not receive this prompt.

LF01 may also be a modulation destination and it is possible to modulate its rate, depth and delay. Autopan And Frequency Modulation Effects For setting parameters manul affect the sampler as a whole plus access to utilities such as DAT backup, MIDI song file play manuzl hard disk recording For saving programs, samples, multis, effects and operating aaki, etc.


Bend Pressure Use this instead of modwheel perhaps. Usually, you must use to format a new disk for use in the SXL. In the case of layering three sounds, polyphony will be cut to around ten voices. NOTE field described below. THE industry standard sampler the world over, there is a lot of data out there that was created on Akai samplers. Another method may be to send, say, snare and kick aai individual outputs but take them out of the stereo mix and just have toms and percussion in a stereo image coming out of the main stereo mix.

Akai S3200XL Operator’s Manual

To enjoy stereo modulation effects with echo, please choose the stereo delay option see below. You should always allow sufficient headroom for transient s33200xl when making a sample. This is a quick and easy way of combining several programs together for multi-timbral sequencing, layering and key splits.

Similarly, when applied in small amounts, this can also be used effectively on ‘ethnic’ sounds such as pan pipes as the ‘real thing’ is rarely perfectly in tune from one note to the next. After a few seconds, the new sample will be shown which may be played in the usual way. This is much the same as placing it in a special sub- directory.

In the case where keygroups are layered or overlap, pressing and holding EDIT and repeatedly playing the note will select each mxnual in turn. The SXL will read the floppy disk and list the song files that it contains.

Akai Professional S Digital Sampler – Akai – Encyclotronic

AKAI shall not be liable for any injury, loss or manusl, direct or consequential, arising out of use, or inability to use the product.

Depending on the number of partitions on your disk, the partition is shown as a letter A -? You may also set the parameters for the sostenuto pedal.