ALDEFLUOR™ kit for the identification, evaluation and isolation of stem and progenitor cells expressing high levels of ALDH. ALDEFLUOR&#; Kit from. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. ALDEFLUOR™ is a reagent kit that is used to identify human cells that express high levels of the enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase. Here is a quick guide to setting up your FACS analysis with ALDEFLUOR: We’ ve used the Aldefluor kit extensively for both cell lines and for freshly dissociated .

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Watch this video to see an example of how our scientists increased the fluorescence intensity of ALDH br cells in mammary tissue, and how you can modify the protocol to fit your research needs. Man CH et al. Gerber JM et al. To stain large number of cells it may be better to increase the sample and reagent volume. J Pathol 4: We demonstrate that a subpopulation of dormant tumour cells surviving oncogene ablation surviving cells and responsible for tumour relapse has features of cancer stem cells and relies on oxidative phosphorylation for survival.

Clin Cancer Res 18 Product Applications This product aldefluuor designed for use in the following research area s as part of the highlighted workflow stage s.


Vauchez K et al. Wang L et al. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Abstract Despite progress in alfefluor development of drugs that efficiently target cancer cells, treatments for metastatic tumours are often ineffective. A lack of difference between test and negative control samples may indicate that the inhibitor was not effective, or that there is no ALDH activity in the cells in the sample.

Gentry T et al. Cell Sourcing and Isolation. Zhao Q et al.

Bareiss PM et al. J Thromb Thrombolysis 28 3: Cancer Res 69 Le Magnen C et al. Stem Cells 27 7: Mol Ther 17 The protocol alcefluor scalable and can be used to prepare the large number of cells required for off-the-shelf” therapies and bioengineering applications.

Rustighi A et al. Safety Data Sheet 5. J Pathol 2: Nature Aldegluor Oncogene ablation-resistant pancreatic cancer cells depend on mitochondrial function. Liu C et al. Abstract Mesenchymal stem or stromal cells MSCs have many potential therapeutic applications including therapies for cancers and tissue damages caused by cancers or radical cancer treatments.

Sullivan JP et al. Piva M et al.

aldfluor Why are all the cells in the cytogram fluorescent to some degree? Bone Marrow Transplant 43 8: Storms RW et al. Increasing the concentration of cells up to 5-fold the recommended concentration should have no effect on performance of the assay when using human blood cells.



Sun P et al. Yu CC et al. Data and Publications Data. Breast Cancer Cells Alam M et al.

ALDEFLUOR™ Kit | STEMCELL Technologies

Am Heart J 2: It is recommended to test different incubation times and determine the optimal incubation time for different cell types. Zhang M et al. This transport inhibitor may not prevent efflux from other tissue types or from other species.

Br J Haematol Exp Hematol 35 9: Morris KT et al. Yu F et aldfluor.

Colon Cells Carpentino JE et al. Nakamura S et al. Other ALDH inhibitors can be used as appropriate for the enzyme isoform expressed. Cell Death Differ 21 3: Liu P et al. All rights reserved including graphics and images. Corti S et al. Mammary Epithelial Cell Research. Mammary Cells Ginestier C et al. Cancer Cell 23 2: