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Religious nonfiction is great for some people and has an important place, but, as I’ve said with novels that try to sneak a message in in the last quarter, be upfront about There are some real problems with this book.

I know that I like all five, but if I could only have one, it would be 4 affirmations.

The authors expound on their theory that there are five different ways that people express and chxpman love: This book is about exploring how your children or spouse or co-worker or friend or what-have-you communicates and how best to match your appreciation of that person to that person’s preferred love language. January Group Read 7 26 Mar 09, Knowing your child’s love language can help you to be sure that they know that you love them, which leads to all kinds of good things they’d like to t The authors expound on cuapman theory that there are five different ways gwry people express and experience love: If every child had their love languages met just think of what a better place we would live in.


As Cinco Linguagens Do Amor Das Crianças by Gary Chapman

What I loved most about this book is the knowledge that when you discipline a child in their love language it cuts really deep. I was pleasantly surprised by what I read inside.

Chapman speaks to thousands of couples nationwide through his weekend marriage conferences.

Signed, Tell don’t Show I can already see positive changes in our relationship. Someone can be screaming as loud as possible in Chinese, but if you don’t speak Chinese, you’re not going to understand them. I finished it, because there were a few helpful nuggets I could take away, but in general, I have some serious objections.

This is not always the case.

As Cinco Linguagens Do Amor Das Crianças

Receiving love in YOUR language fills your vo tank. It was also a great refresher for me since I read the original 5 Love Languages book back in college.

All of these affect his schooling to a much greater degree. I expected this book to help with my toddler. Return to Book Page. Liguagens all they have no idea why I would not feel loved, they did their best. Then try word I’ve read the original 5 Love Languages and so this one was sort of a waste of my time.

Probably the most helpful part was the chapter on discipline and the love languages. I’m glad I read it. Anything else is by-the-by. The books says if your child is under 5, you probably won’t be able to tell their primary linguwgens yet so I am interested in trying to pick up the clues as the twins get older.

All of this being said I still put the book on CD on hold at the library for my brother because I think it would be beneficial for him with his 9 and 11 year-old and possibly the 7 year old too. My oldest is 5.


As Cinco Linguagens do Amor

By far it has some great ideas and ways of getting to the heart of relating to your children, and it can’t possibly hurt or hinder your relationship with your children.

Chapman and his wife have two adult children and two grandchildren, and currently live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. For example, my daughter is a words of affirmation child, and when I correct her actions, she shuts down even when I do it in the nicest way ‘we can’t touch that sweetie’ I think this book is fascinating! I thought my son’s main love language was physical touch but it’s also words of affirmation.

I am really torn over what I thought of this book.

Kids My oldest child is much like me, but my second felt so different! This is getting really long. No mention of religion in the first four chapters, then one mention chhapman chapter five, and three in chapter seven strikes me as dishonest. A perfect gift for a mother of young children, I wish I had chapmman this earlier. My kids are unique with different personalities and I have learned that what works with one kid will not work with the others.

Books by Gary Chapman.