Avery® Easy Peel® Address Labels, Permanent Adhesive, Clear, 1″ x 4″, 1, Labels () Add a custom printed-on look to all your mail with these Easy Peel Clear Address Labels. The Easy Peel label sheets with the Pop-up Edge® let you peel and apply labels in a snap. Blank Label Printing Template – PDF & Doc Download. 20, Mailing/Shipping Label, Avery® , , , , , , , ™, PDF. Address Labels, Shipping Labels, Inkjet labels, Laser labels & more factory direct with Online Labels same day shipping.

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One version gives you 33 smaller labels per sheet, the second gives you larger labels, but about half as many, with 16 per sheet. If the site currently thinks that those BCIDs are not-yet-activated, then whoever finds the books should be able to journal them and enter the book details at that time – though of course that may not happen for some time, if ever, and it wouldn’t restore anything you had put into your JEs.

Also compatible with label reference numbers, and It looks like you didn’t activate them by writing a journal entry or a release note. GoryDetails 8 yrs ago.

Avery 5161, Avery 5261, Avery 5661, Avery 5961, Avery 8161, Avery 8461 Compatible Template

I don’t expect a huge flood of requests, but do bear in mind this is a “as time allows” offer, so please don’t expect an “Instant” response.

I simply don’t have time to type in or hand write the numbers on to the labels that have kindly been provided by JamesUK. I was going to say I was surprised to see you’d bothered to answer my question As soon as I make a journal entry for one of mine, it disappears off my list of prenumbereds. Added 2 versions of Avery brand multifunction labels template, reference numberwhere the whole A4 sheet is one big label.

Can you point me in templatr right direction please Or shouldn’t I be telling everyone that? I hope they’re not 56661 forever never to appear again, that would be a pain. Are you sure you want to delete this item? One of our members, JamesUK, has just uploaded a great set of simple, yet effective labels for download and print: So the site has no way of knowing that you did use them.


, Avery MS Word label templates added today – Forum Post | BookCrossing

You’ll find a ‘request’ tab when you look at your list of prenums on your bookshelf. Mail Merge also available Are there any plans to restore the ability to print pre-numbered labels? Any ideas when this function will be available?

In reply to grubsneerg, when I click on the avert numbered labels that bookcrossing site alleges 56661 I have. Instead, you can create one document, complete with fields like “Name” “Address Line 1”, “Address Line2” etc, and then use data from say, your Hotmail address book to “populate” those fields.

Covert 8 yrs ago. It just comes up with pre numbered as the title and author.

Blank Label Printing Template – PDF & Doc Download

Sorry, for now you can only use up those numbers by writing or typing them on blank sheets of labels. JamesUK 8 yrs ago. You draft the newsletter, but don’t want to have to manually type each person’s name and address on it, and print it singularly times. I’ll start using them tomorrow! The only thing I can think of is templwte did the journals correctly, released correctly, then there was a site “restore” that avrry back those changes and the BCID’s to un-journaled pre-numbs, just as they were say, three days before that.

Not at all, although Wikipedia is your friend here; http: Maybe the site glitched way back when and gave you multiple sets of pre-nums vaery you wanted and thought you got only one? As a result I think I “printed” a couple of new sets of numbers Offer to create MS Word label templates.

No problems, and you’re very welcome. Prenumbered is last on that list. Only trouble tdmplate I have wild released the books so I don’t know what will happen if someone tries to journal them.

If you still have any of the books, you aveey try re-journaling them yourself; I think the prenum situation is a bit more stable now.


Moem 8 yrs ago. I know that happened to me awhile ago years, maybe? Even if sometimes it’s the door of The Old Windmill!

What I started doing was taking snippets of reviews of the book I was about to release or put on the shelf, pasting these into the word bubble, then printing and cutting it out.

Good to see from the odd forum posting that some people are getting use out of the Microsoft Word label sheet templates I knocked up and uploaded to share at; http: I hope there aren’t too many examples of this – I can cope with most limitations of the new site, but actual loss-of-data is a major “ouch”! Yes Afery think there may have been a site restore as I did it so close to the switch over. I know that I don’t still have them.

It cannot be undone. Then I’ll upload it to my page for you and anyone else to use.

Blank Label Templates

To do temmplate ten times for pre-numbers where they were assigned as ten batches of ‘s wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes for tmeplate Site restore back to Wednesday night, and all your changes are “gone”, and you’re back to square one as if you’d done nothing. I would love to be able to re journal them, but I’ve already wild released them all. Sorry, I’m just now seeing your edit, as I find it difficult to navigate the fora The several new groups of BCIDs being reserved for me the day before the switch was not due to any bookcrossing problems, but to my attempts to get the non-functioning printing working at my end.

I had actually tried to do this immediately before the switch to Beta, svery had computer problems at MY end, so was unsuccessful. Avery 21 per sheet, Avery 1×1 Circular 15 per sheet MS Word label templates added today.