Battlefield Hardline MacBook OS X

Battlefield Hardline MacBook OS X

Battlefield Hardline MacBook OS X Version

Hi and welcome to our website. Today we proudly present you another first person shooter game available for Macintosh computers. Battlefield Hardline MacBook OS X version is free to download. Any mac owner can get it and run it on any iMac or MacBooks free. Torrent and direct are the download methods , both perfectly works. The game has been released in 2015 by Visceral Games and published by Electronic Arts.

Battlefield Hardline MacBook OS X gameplay

Battlefield Hardline MacBook OS X version can be played in single player and multiplayer. Both are great, the story is awesome and multiplayer is played by a lot of people. In this shooter the developers added a lot of great features like driving cars, motorcycles or choppers. Also we have a lot of mission to complete as cop in story mode and a lot big collection of weapons to choose. In multiplayer mode you can choose to be the good guy or bad guy. Battlefield Hardline also have five more mods that can be played in multiplayer. These are Heist, Blood Money, Rescue, Hotwire and Crosshair. All of them available in this version for MacBooks and iMacs.

The game file size is around 58 GB. You will need at least 2GB RAM memory and 2.0 GHz speed to run it. Also you must have installed OS X 10.9.6 or higher.

Battlefield Hardline MacBook OS X DOWNLOAD

Direct Download         Torrent Download  
Choose between torrent and direct to download game .dmg image file. Once downloaded open .dmg file and copy the game folder inside into your applications folder. When is completed run it and enjoy. Torrent download is always faster and does not stuck, we highly recommend to download this game for mac via torrent.