Range Description: This species is widespread and found in Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, China, Taiwan, India (including Nicobar and Andaman Islands). Ceriops tagal is a shrub or small tree with compact crown. It usually grows up to 6 m. Bark flecking, light grey, smooth with buttress roots and thin breathing roots. Tengar Ceriops tagal. Family Rhizophoraceae Eastern Africa to Southeast Asia, Australia, Melanesia. Locally present in northern sites. Shrub or rarely tree, to 7.

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This tree grows in most well-drained soil types, provided that there is sufficient water. Pulau Ubin, Jan Rate this plant Is this an interesting plant? Sooty mould and scale insects are the potential problems and pests for this tree.

Ceriops tagal In Mozambique Conservation status. It is also used to dye mats. Trees of southern Africa. Full Sun Gardening skill: Ceriops mossambicensis Klotzsch Ceriops pauciflora Benth. Medicinal uses include the bark for women in childbirth and as part of a lotion for ulcers.

Introduction A compact branched tree or shrub with a distinctive root growth, fascinating growth habit taga seeds, occurring in the tidal estuaries, lagoons and swamps, as a member of mangrove forest.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. According to Tomlinson, the flowers are pollinated by small night-flying moths. Petals tiny frilly, white that turn orange-brown. Bark flecking, light grey, smooth with buttress roots and thin breathing roots.


IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Indiese wortelboomZulu: Dark green in cwriops shade, greenish yellow in full sun. Sow fresh seeds on ceruops surface and slightly cover with river sand and keep moist. Make your own badge here. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Articles containing Afrikaans-language text Articles containing Zulu-language text Articles containing Filipino-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Taxonbars with 20—24 taxon IDs Taxonbars with automatically added basionyms.

Login to add your Comment Not registered yet? Forest Research Institute Malaysia. The petals of the flower hold loose pollen and are under tension. It is listed as ‘Vulnerable’ on the Red List of threatened plants of Singapore.

A Guide to the Mangroves of Singapore I. Leaves spatula shaped cmthick glossy, arranged opposite one another.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This tree with rather plasticky thick rounded-tipped leaves is sometimes seen in our mangroves. The durable wood is used in house construction.

Leave this field blank. Isinkaha [4] is a mangrove tree species in the family Rhizophoraceae. Pulau Semakau, Jan Ceriops tagal occurs in frost-free, summer rainfall regions in mangrove forest swamps along the coastline from Kosi Bay in KwaZulu-Natal, to Mozambique, through tropical East Africa and Australia.

A small quantity of nectar ttagal secreted. Hypocotyl long pointed cm long with fluted ridges along the length and a white collar when ready to drop off.

Ceriops tagal

Bark smooth or slightly fissured, pale grey or white often with a red tinge, peeling in thick strips from the buttressed portion.


The twigs are jointed and have swollen nodes. Leaves are large, opposite and at right angles to the next pair, thickly leathery to almost fleshy, yellowish green, with rounded tip; midrib prominent below; margin entire, sometimes wavy. If not, the seed is carried away by the tides, and then at low tide, the seed is inserted in the mud further away from the mother plant, to germinate.

When the fruit has matured, the seed drops and sticks in the mud and so germination takes place.

Tsgal to Hsuan Keng, it was found in Jurong and Changi. Ceriops tagal is a shrub or small tree with compact crown. Pulau Semakau, Jan 09 Propagules hang down.

Ceriops forsteniana Blume Ceriops globulifera Boreau ex Tul. Natal Flora Publication trust. This species is highly prized for fuelwood in many parts of its range, where it is considered second only to species of Rhizophora in the mangrove swamps. Tree Flora of Sabah and Sarawak.

Flowers small, many cerioos one stalk. The viviparous fruit develops an emerging hypocotyl while still on the tree, forming a long tube with a heavy end pointed at the ground.

Just like Rhizophora mucronataC.