Conan Exiles for Mac OS X

Conan Exiles for Mac OS X

Conan Exiles for Mac OS X

The new survival open world game Conan Exiles has arrived now for all Apple computers. Conan Exiles for Mac OS X can right now be downloaded , any mac owner can enjoy the game. We proudly announce this game available to download as .dmg via torrent or direct. That version has been especially converted only for OS X computers , has been tested and work on all iMacs and MacBooks without wine or any addition softwares.

Conan Exiles for Mac OS X gameplay

Conan Exiles for Mac OS X is very similar with ARK Survival Evolved for mac. You start with character creation, can choose between man and women. Once you have your own and unique character the game send you in a world where the player must establish an database and survive. Is developed by FunCom , a new team that probably will have a big success with the game. The graphics have a good quality , a note from GamesForMac team is somewhere like 9. Critics website also have only good worlds about game. Every player can choose to go online, where you meet with all your friends and player around the world.

Game Requirements:

If you are decided to download Conan Exiles .dmg for MacBooks then first time check you MacBook. Here are the requirements that every OS X computer must meet in order to run it.

  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Free Disk Space: 36.1 GB
  • Processor i3 (minimum)
  • OS X Version: 10.10 and up

Conan Exiles for Mac OS X DOWNLOAD

Direct Download         Torrent Download  

As we already said in the top of the page Conan Exiles full game can be downloaded right now through torrent or direct. Choose torrent for a bigger speed. Once you get .dmg file just start the installation and when is complete run the game.


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