campaign-specific crossbreeds, make a characters bloodline an important part of the ongoingstory, races unrelated to other bloodlines (though this affects the. Front Cover Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: Half-breeds in your Campaign Chapter 2: Specific Half-Breeds Half-breeds at a Glance Aellar Alicorn. Front Cover Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: Half-breeds in your Campaign Chapter 2: Specific Half-Breeds Half-breeds at a Glance.

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Pay-what-you-want content is allowed, but must be posted as a link in a text post or in the comments. I just haven’t gotten around to making it into a pdf yet. Despite all the numbers and dice in the pages the book is pleasant and easy to read.


So I honestly think you’ve done a pretty good job keeping things varied! No one will call the houri half elf, half nymphpiper half halfling, half satyror trixie half gnome, half pixie freaky though. I understand these half-breeds are not for everyone’s game.

Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! The summary tables at the back and the high Effective Levels are just two symptoms of this. Last edited by Yogibear41; at Resources Brewer’s Supplies — resources you can use to create or style homebrew Discord – the official UnearthedArcana Discord.

From my quick glancing over I like what you have here, they blloodlines not be for every game but they don’t seem too crazy power wise from what I can tell.

Hope you get a chance to playtest some of these!

Lastly, I know the homebrew is long and potentially daunting, but I’d really appreciate feedback on how balanced the racial traits are, so just focusing on that makes it a much, much more palatable read: Subscribe Replies to bastarxs comments All comments. Be respectful of other users. If you were a lonely elvish ranger, and a unicorn came a-calling who’s to say what you would do.


Sorry to be nitpicky but I just wanted to mention that. Thanks for your support: Thats a good idea, thanks for the suggestion: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. A4 version with a different TOC. Bastards and Bloodlines offers up some help, bastarvs guidance and then swiftly moves on. The Specific Half-Breed chapter is about half of the book.

Don’t use link shorteners! Results 1 to 3 of 3. Avoid using an excessively long or redundant title e. Repeat or extreme offenders will be bastarrds. Look at this guide to learn the why and how. Leave a comment below and follow on Facebook to stay in touch with the community.

I mean sure, you could totally make the piercing damage be 2, and it wouldnt break the game. If you would like help fleshing out not-yet-complete content, please use the official Discord or the Arcana Forge post at the top of the subreddit.

Bastards & Bloodlines

Submit a new text post. There are just certain racial traits I made up that don’t fit with the detect balance scale and its difficult for me to eyeball how powerful they are. If they’re schemers and cunning, they might be so more in the sense of figuring it all out intellectually, as if moving pawns on a board, rather than actively convincing people through appearances or conversation.

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Although, I might change around which fey-related races get fey ancestry. Hi guys, so I’ve been spending a lot of my down time working on this homebrew.

But you’re right, if any of these races ought to get a bonus to Charisma, it should be the Houri. Retooling races from Bastards and Bloodlines Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I honestly prefer toc that don’t look fancy that have hyperlinks, when shuffling for content in a large supplement its a lot faster to just click “home” on your keybord and then select what you want to read, and then click home again.


Bastards and Bloodlines – Half-Breed Races converted from to 5e v : UnearthedArcana

Don’t miss these posts. But for those of you that can tolerate the weird factor, its very easy to plug these into an existing game because they’re exceedingly rare and can easily be explained as having existed the whole time with minimal suspension of disbelief. The stats include favoured class often the first thing forgotten by third party publishers and level adjustment notes for powerful half-breeds.

I will make a few mods for some of the pictures, but feel free to take the source, and post a link from it, so you can edit the content yourself: A great GM tool to boot.

D&D bastards and bloodline – [PDF Document]

There are new feats and prestige classes in Bastards. These feats and prestige classes are undeniably best suited to half-breeds. I’ll make a quick change and then look over the stat bonuses for the other races.

I couldn’t figure out how to c&d the toc properly so as was just like aw fuck it I’ll do it later lol. If looking for Charisma-adjustments, may I tentatively suggest that the Half-Beholders change their Charisma for Intelligence? Citing only the host, such as Pinterest, isn’t sufficient. Sorry that something went wrong, repeat again! It wont have hyperlinks, but it looks much more neat and clean, so I’ll be using that.

I already look out for the name Macbin on books chiefly thanks to Spaceship Zero.