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Glesener Chair of Dispagate Organising Committee: We invite contributions on such topics as observational and modeling investigations of the formation and dynamics of prominences and coronal rain, their magnetic and plasma environments, their relevant physical processes such centebo ion-neutral coupling and magnetic reconnection in partially ionized plasmas, their diagnostic applications, and their space-weather consequences and predictive potential. Please try to keep meeting and workshop announcements to no more than one page fewer than 60 lines of typed text with 72 characters per linewith a Web address for further information.

Papers relevant to the scope but not presented at the conference are also solicited. Areas of research include planetary science, astronomy and astrophysics, solar and solar-terrestrial science, plasma physics and fundamental physics.

Secondary Bibliography A-Z

The deadline for applications is 29 October Yet, it hosts a variety of mysteriously cool and dense plasma structures, primarily in two distinct forms – prominences and coronal rain.

The research fields covered by the PhD program are: Availability of Ground-based Flare Datasets. Applicants are expected to be able to succeed in a demanding work environment and to demonstrate a high degree of initiative.

Scientific themes of the Symposium and an updated list of invited speakers are available at the conference website. Solar-stellar connections Session The offered position is immediately available and will be scaled according to the applicable scales for Belgian federal institutes depending on the qualifications of the candidate. Applications are welcome till August 15 included.


Oliver Jennrich 06 Jul If not, what is the expectation for cycle 25?

Naciional session will provide a venue for discussion on these two closely related, but traditionally separated phenomena, and thus facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration. Bruno Altieri at the address fellowship cosmos. This session focuses on opportunities and capabilities for coordinated science studies with advanced instrumentation on multiple spacecraft, assets at Earth and beyond, and sophisticated modeling of basic plasma physical processes on multiple scales that will be key to understand the dynamics of the solar centenk from the base of the corona into the inner heliosphere, the origins of the solar wind and its nacionsl from the sun.

Chair of Scientific Organising Committee: To make a URL a “clickable” link in your posting, make sure that there is http: Dibyendu Nandi 11 Jul Many of the collected papers will be based on presentations and discussions at a recent AGU Chapman conference held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, in May As indicated in the NOI, scoping comments may be submitted to the National Cenetno Foundation during the public comment period, which extends through August 5,via email at envcomp-AST-sacpeak nsf.

The Sun influences the Earth through a complex set of interactions across interplanetary space. Istvan Ballai 10 Jul Manuscripts should be submitted through the website: Any possible question on the selection modes must be addressed robberto pasquale. Preference will be given to applications submitted by candidates within five years of receiving their PhD. If you wish to subscribe, unsubscribe from SolarNews, get a password reminder, or change your subscription, go to mailman.

A special issue of the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics will include papers based on the presentations at this forum, as well as other contributions related to its topics www.


More information on the ESA Research Fellowship programme in Space Science, on the conditions and eligibility, as well as the application form can retrieved from cosmos. Wave phenomena and atmospheric dynamics Session 8: David Boboltz 08 Jul Early Announcement Editor’s Notes.

To submit your abstract, register, or review the science program details, please visit our website: Claire Foullon 01 Jul Applicants should be cenfeno with the U. The behavior of this system is measured by many different instruments that produce many varied data.

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However, finding or keeping track of which flares have been observed by specific combinations of instruments can be cumbersome and time consuming. New developments in observations, simulations and ancional make it timely to collect new research studies on electric currents. For additional information please contact: Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics: Abstract Deadline is August 3, Studies of this intimate relationship between the parent star, its astrosphere i.

This Symposium will bring together scientists from diverse, interdisciplinary scientific areas such as solar, stellar and planetary physics, atmospheric and climate physics and astrobiology to review the current state of our understanding of solar and stellar environments. Peg Luce 14 Jul SolarNews is normally distributed on the first and fifteenth of each month. Fine-structure of solar flares Session