These SDH units connect end user equipment to the i Competitive Intelligence Marconi Partner Confidential – Not for external disclosure ECI. ECI Telecom receives $3 Million Optical Equipment Order from the Finnish Defense Forces; ECI supplies SDH and optical solutions to the FDF. This is a legal agreement between you, the end user, and ECI Telecom Ltd. (“ECI information in an environment with SDH equipment from different.

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Sold by ECI under the trade name DIGILOOP, the resulting “pair gain” devices capacitated the existing copper pairs of wires to emulate digital lines and therefore equipmsnts two voice telephone calls on one line. The company’s field engineers perform the following services: Petah TikvaIsrael. Offices of clients’ support around the world.


I-Master system is one of the powerful business application in the world, which allows to perform management and administration of all card applications. In-time and effective services. After course completion, everyone gets an official certificate permitting to operate certain equipment type. Both traditional concentration on customers’ needs and high quality of the equipment manufactured, help service carriers to maximize its revenues for network operation, increase capacity, improve quality of services and enable new-revenue producing services which are on the great demand.

Company offers to its clients equipment of xTX family, namely:.

ECI serves carriers and service providers in various sectors: Today, SDH solutions in combination with PDH access multiplexer are used mostly by utilities for the communication requirements in high-voltage networks. There is a skilled team of technicians who is responsible for hours clients’ technical support.


ECI Telecom

The main goal for ECI Telecom is promotion of the telecommunication equipment with “ECI” trademark on the Russian market and improvement of the customers’ technical support. Its equipment supports over 21 billion minutes of telephony traffic per month with outstanding quality and reliability. Project Management Department is responsible for timely equipment delivery to customers.

These strides are certainly commendable–and have not gone unnoticed by the investment community–but perhaps more importantly, ECI has begun to transform itself from a niche player in the telecommunications equipment industry to eck “global integrated network manager. That is why communication services carriers get the possibility to quickly respond to their customers’ needs and receive more profits.

Products for Wci Quality and Measurement go. Usage of this equipment gives an outstanding opportunity for more flexible and maximum efficiency operation of the communications lines connecting telephone stations, increasing their capacity, maximizing reliability. Unlike the DCME segment, however, ECI faced a great deal of competition in the access market, a factor that dampened profit margins in this division.

IP/Ethernet and SDH solutions

This differs from the current standard, which assigns a particular amount of bandwidth to each client whether it is being used or not. Known in the industry as “access multiplexers,” these devices appealed to two different constituencies for different reasons.

For this purpose, so-called PDH access multiplexers are used, which provide the requested interfaces, bundle the communication signals, and pass them on to the NG-SDH systems. This ensures consistent coordination of all planning, implementation and technical issues.

Transmission Communication Solutions go. ECI Telecom’s equipment supports traffic in more than networks in over countries, it proves that ECI participates literally in all international telephone calls. The digitization of telephone switching that began in the s foreshadowed a decline in demand for TASI but challenged telephone equipment manufacturers to develop complimentary devices. This is the basis for further OPEX reductions.


In Russia SDH equipment is installed and successfully works in the following enterprises: Throughout the years we have been the first to deploy commercially powerful new technologies, giving our customers a competitive edge.

This allows the operation of older systems during a transition period.

Nowadays so that to gain great success and prosperity within such a strong market competition telecom equipment manufacturer should have progressive advanced high-quality technical solutions to offer. In addition to the mentioned above, in emergency case one can dial a hot line number and get a full explanation and recommendations on what to do so that to solve the current problem.

Company offers to its clients equipment of xTX family, namely: This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat It was founded as Electronics Corp. Serving most of the major international service providers, our products offer integrated voice, data, fax and video capabilities through four major product groups: Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: It specialized in telephone transmission products that manipulated the signals carried on telephone lines.

They are responsible for equipment and services offered by the first section – their promotion and support. The most important requests are: In a final stage, Ethernet would be the single communication interface, which will be used in the backbone as well as in the access network. Type the code shown: Cost-optimized installation and operation of the network Low latency, jitter- and connection-oriented services Use for critical Smart Grid applications e.