Endeca MDEX Engine Basic Development Guide Version • March Guide and are familiar with the Endeca terminology and basic concepts. Endeca focused on this e-commerce market first, and developed the Guide and influence customers at each step of their experience to. Endeca MDEX Engine: Basic Development Guide – Oracle Read more about dimension, record, endeca, mdex, query and engine.

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A client browser makes a request. Evaluate each page element and decide which UI reference implementation module, if any, is the closest match to the functionality required.

Endeca Commerce: Endeca Basic Concepts

A string value in a Duration property should contain an integer number of milliseconds. To compute results for the base navigation state, the MDEX Engine then decides whether to include or remove these filters. The tags call out search terms and allow developmenr to more easily reformat the terms for display in your Web application.

The Agraph typically resides on a separate machine. In all other cases, it uses only regular record counts for refinement ranking. The following diagram illustrates the logic of transforming a client browser request into an MDEX Engine query: The property names are composed using the name of the geocode property or dimension and the values specified in the geocode filter.

Endeca MDEX Engine: Basic Development Guide

NET module maps The following diagram shows the controller module map: Therefore, consider first the business requirements for your Endeca application to decide whether you need to use wildcard search. The Property editor provides three temporal property types: The diagrams are broken into the four primary modules for Java and.


By this definition, it is important to note that refinement dimension value IDs for non-navigable choices are not valid Navigation N parameter values. A typical navigation page includes some sort of results section and query controls section, but this is also entirely dependent on the application design.

Description Determines which dimension refinements are not available for navigation in the current navigation state but would have been available if the top-level navigation filters, such as previously chosen dimensions, range filters, EQL filters, text filters or text searches were to be removed from this navigation state.

Combining queries in the URL is used exclusively for performance improvement because it reduces the number of independent queries that are queued up waiting for the MDEX Engine. Record and Dimension Search Reports A general-use page header used by all page types navigation, record, aggregated record, and error. When a geocode filter is specified, the records are filtered by the distance from the filter key a geocode property to geo-ref the geocode reference point.

This setting corresponds to the “Maximum dimension values to return” setting in Developer Studio.

Note that regardless of how many properties or dimensions you have enabled as rollup keys, you can specify a maximum of one rollup key per navigation query. To configure wildcard search in Dimension and Property editors: Dependency Additional query parameters that are endwca to give this parameter context. Again, the application should make use of standard library components such as java. The maximum number of matching terms for a wildcard expression is by default.


GetReferenceLatitude and GetReferenceLongitude Note that calling these methods on a non-geocode sort key causes an error. Properties of type Time, DateTime, and Duration can be used for: Government end users are “commercial computer software” pursuant to the applicable Federal Acquisition Regulation and agency-specific supplemental regulations.

An industry-leading faceted search and Guided Navigation solution, Oracle Endeca Guided Search enables businesses to help guide and influence customers in each step of their search experience.

URL parameters for sorting Developmwnt Ns parameter is used for record sorting.

This filter restricts the scope of the records that will be considered for a dimension search. Indicates that the ENEQuery object does not contain all the necessary query parameters. Name property get the name of the rollup key.

Endeca MDEX Engine: Basic Development Guide – Oracle …

The object thus contains: Additionally, phase search queries do not ignore stop words. Implementing dynamic refinement ranking A core capability of the MDEX Engine is the ability to dynamically order and present the most popular refinement dimension values to the user.

Oracle Endeca for Mobile iPhone Application This guide assumes you have installed the endeca-ios-application.