Category:Lessel, Franciszek. Franciszek Lessel. ( — 26 December ). = Compositions by: Lessel, Franciszek. The following 3 pages are in this. × ; 15 KB. 1 reference Franciszek Lessel. retrieved. 9 October Category:Lessel,_Franciszek · named as. Franciszek . Franciszek Lessel, a composer and pianist, was born in Warsaw c. and died at Piotrków Trybunalski on 26 December His work is the most complete.

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Newsletter PWM Sign up. In his works one can easily recognize lesesl influence of Mozart, with the highly developed virtuosity of an improvisatory character, bringing them close to the style brillant.

Franciszek Lessel – Wikipedia

Most of Lessel’s works, especially the vocal – instrumental, orchestral and chamber ones, have been preserved in manuscripts, although some have been lost. They were also performed exclusively during the composer’s lifetime, first of all in Poland were they were highly regarded by the critics.

His work is the frxnciszek complete expression of the classical style in Polish music, as evinced in his choice of genres symphonies, overtures, variations, quartets, sonatas, massesthe arrangement of cyclic works harmonic practice, instrumentation and forms. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Lessel worked as a court musician, headed Warsaw’s Amateur Music Society, and gave lessons on how to play the glass harmonica.

Category:Lessel, Franciszek

Polish frahciszek composers Polish male classical composers Polish classical pianists Pupils of Joseph Haydn births deaths 19th-century classical pianists Male pianists Polish composer stubs. Lessel Franciszek – Polish composer belonging to the generation of the composers prior to Chopin; Haydn’s student. The orchestral part is entirely subordinated to the solo instrument, as in Chopin’s piano concertos.


It is known that in s the works by Lessel – mainly chamber and religious were performed in Warsaw and Chopin must have heart them.

It is very probable that Chopin knew Lessel’s compositions, among which the concerto, but there is no evidence of such knowledge in any sources.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In Lessel’s creative output one can distinguish two stages: Among his most noted pieces is his Fantaisie in E minorOp. In later life he largely had non-musical administrative and inspector jobs.

Music Franfiszek Day Check. Lessel was the composer of solo piano pieces and pieces for the piano and orchestra in the mature classical style.

This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat He also used counterpoint extensively, in a similar way to Haydn e. This article about a Polish composer is a stub. His father, Wincenty Ferdynand Lessel, was a pianist and composer of Czech origin who served as his first teacher.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Frannciszek the nineteenth century they lessle published exclusively during the composer’s lifetime in Austria, Germany, and sometimes also in England francjszek France.

The influence of Polish music manifests itself in Lessel’s creative output first of all in the exploitation of metrorhytmic elements of Polish dances mainly in the cyclic works as well as in the use of folk and popular melodies as themes for larger works.

The work was published in Lipsk around and Chopin could familiarize himself with the piece from the printed score. Log in Wish list.


His piano concerto in C major opus 14, published c.

Franciszek Lessel

All the mass items are through – composed and the choirs are handled in a variety of ways. With BIO note only.

Views Read Edit View history. Beydale was for a time his lover, until they discovered they had the same mother. It can be assumed that Lessel’s compositions were an important element of the Polish musical tradition, which functioned as one of the sources of Chopin’s style and the background on which his style developed.

Retrieved from ” https: Franciszek Lessel — 26 December was a Polish composer. Franciszek Lessel, a composer and pianist, was born in Warsaw c. It is particularly clear in the Piano Concerto in C major, Op.

The Concerto was composed in Warsaw in and it is not known if the work was performed again when Chopin attended the concerts in Warsaw. The religious works, especially the masses, require large-scale performing forces solo voices, mixed choir, orchestra and sometimes organ.

In his piano works one can see the influence of Mozart with traces of improvisatory virtuosity making those compositions brilliant in effect.

In Franciszek Lessel went to study with Joseph Haydn and continued to do so until Haydn’s death.