Minimonsta Mac Demo Installation – 32/bit. Minimonsta Software – Mac Demo Version ( ). Minimonsta changes in version (Release. I’ve got all the presets in Program Files\GForce\GForce\Minimonsta but it isn’t finding them for some From the Minimonsta manual, page 6. He means the Minimonsta silver setup button-lower right hand side of the gui, just above the onscreen keyboard. Page 23 of the manual.

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Then install the Minimonsta once more.

Sound Bank.

This takes a static software instrument and adds serious performance and dynamic real-time control possibilities – a boon to those real players out there who want to add life into their performances while remaining in constant contact with the keyboard.

Create new account Request new password. On a new computer, but it goes on a less powerful processor can be saturated. Finally, a delay was added and synth benefits system “Melohman” that allows you to morph between the different presets.

Instrument Overview

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Finally add the Minimonsta is “delivered” gflrce nearly presets categorized by genre and all declined in twelve variants.

manaul Where can I find my installation codes? In my case, this is a truly exceptional cases. The added LFO can make sounds that move in every direction.

Frequently Asked Questions – Minimonsta | GFORCE SOFTWARE

So the number is taken… but by you! Restart the Mac and start Logic or Digital Performer.


Monsta In short, think of the Minimonsta as a modular Mini but without all the clutter of patch cords. I love it and it works for me, I am glad that I made the purchase and got this many years ago and still use it today.

Instrument Overview | GFORCE SOFTWARE

Using just these parameters, the Minimonsta has a huge tonal range from fat to fierce and from searing to sharp sizzles. But if one dares to choose a voice unison, then it explodes. Home Privacy Terms Sitemap.

Provided you have a license registered to your account, you can find your installation codes in:. A white noise generator or pink. If you’re an existing registered user of these, they have been allocated to your account free of charge.

All our instruments are already bit, work correctly with Logic X, and can be downloaded by registered users via My Instruments. I just had to get the feel of how to edit the sounds but it was the same as it is in most other software’s. Home Privacy Terms Sitemap. It is a very versatile synth find its place in all kinds of musical styles. Each of the Meta-Patches within the selected folder is assigned a program change number starting at 1 and running sequentially thereafter.

Try It Buy It. One of the user secrets on the original instrument was the loop feedback trick whereby you could take the output of the Mini and feed it back into the instrument’s external input.

All these parameters can also be controlled by noon. Inside Info One of the user secrets on the original instrument was the loop feedback trick whereby you could take the output of the Mini and feed it back into the instrument’s external input. The full version comes with Meta Patches which equates to patches. Checking which CC is assigned to which parameter: A resonant low-pass filter. I miss a lot if I had more.


The Minimonsta is an award winning, highly detailed and accurate emulation of this original instrument with heaps of attitude. I have used the same preset probably plus times and make it sound different every time then eq it a little bit and get it sitting good in my mix.

What’s more effective is to describe what happens and what you expected to happen.

For me, even if the Minimonsta not reproduce perfectly the sound of the Mini Moog, it exceeds gfofce model in many respects. If you have checked the FAQs and installed the latest version but still require help, please fill in the form minikonsta the right. Did you buy the product from our website? Doing this loads the Patch for that key of the new sound this will be a variation on the sound that has been loaded into RAM, and each key in the Melohman Octave loads a different variation.