Gravity Rush 2 Mac OS X

Gravity Rush 2 Mac OS X

Gravity Rush 2 Mac OS X

Good News! Gravity Rush 2 , that is know in Japan as Gravity Daze 2 now arrived for OS X. Any MacBook owner can now download free Gravity Rush 2 Mac OS X Version via torrent or direct as .dmg image file. Everyone know as the best role playing game released in January 2017 with an 8.2 score on critics websites and many pleased customers. This full version of the game has been tested on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro , iMacs and have been found perfectly working on all these OS X computers. Screenshot from below has been taken on PRO retina.

Gravity Rush 2 Mac OS X gameplay

Has been developed by a very well know team in Japan and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Game graphics looks really cool especially on Retina computers. In Gravity Daze 2 player take control of a young girl in a world where the gravity is everywhere. You can jump from big building and stop exactly where you want. The action happen in an city in Japan. Developers worked almost 4 year at the game and the results are cool. Can be played only in story single player mode.

Gravity Rush 2 Mac OS X REQUIREMENTS

If you choose to download the game then we have listed some requirements about the game here. You will need 47.20 GB free disk space on you macintosh computer. Ram memory required is 4 GB with i3 processor. OS X version must be 10.10 or higher in order to can run on your mac.

Gravity Rush 2 Mac OS X DOWNLOAD

Direct Download         Torrent Download  

The game can be downloaded through torrent and direct .dmg file. Both will bring the same game with all DLL packs on your mac. Once downloaded install it then run it from the applications folder. Torrent download is recommend because is faster. Enjoy.