If the gyro theodolite is used, the azimuth datum with absolute high accuracy can be obtained, and it can reduce the expensive testing operation (the least. Gyro-theodolites are primarily used in the absence of astronomical star sights and GPS. For example, where a conduit must pass under a river, a vertical shaft on. This thesis comprises a study of the gyroscope and the gyrotheodolite, tunnel control networks and a case study of geodetic reference networks and survey.

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The spinner axis then accelerates towards and overshoots the meridian, it then slows to a halt at an extreme point before similarly swinging back towards the initial point of release. It is an important tool for gryo in other scientific disciplines. The eastern region along the French coast between Cherbourg and the mouth of the Seine river at Le Havre is frequently referred to as the Bay of the Seine. The needle is mounted on a pivot point, in better compasses a jewel bearing.

China Gyro-theodolite Manufacturers & Suppliers – Gyro-theodolite Factory – ERICCO

It uses a level to set a gyor level to define a line of sight along a horizontal plane. Gerardus Mercator ‘s map of the North Pole from The Geographic South Pole is located on the continent of Antarctica. Measurement of the center line of a folded tunnel In the tunnel and other excavation engineering, the long distance wire which is tyeodolite to ensure the accuracy is generally used in the measurement of the center line in the pit.

For most purposes, the Geographic South Pole is defined as the point of the two points where the Earths axis of rotation intersects its surface. The speed limit for trains in the tunnel theodoltie kilometres per hour, the tunnel carries high-speed Eurostar passenger trains, the Eurotunnel Shuttle for road vehicles—the largest such transport in the world—and international freight trains.


A railroad surveying party at Russel’s Tank, Arizona in the s. Examples of some free-output-gimbal devices would be the attitude reference gyroscopes used to sense or measure the pitch, roll, the centre of gravity of the rotor can be in a fixed position.

At the equinoxes, the Earths axis is not tilted toward the sun, instead it is perpendicular to the sun meaning that the day is about 12 hours long, as is the night, across the whole of the Earth. This outer gimbal possesses one degree of freedom and its axis possesses none. Essentially, a gyroscope is a top combined with a pair of gimbals, Tops were invented in many different civilizations, including classical Greece, Rome, and China.


Locations on the Equator experience the quickest sunrises and sunsets because the sun moves nearly perpendicular to the horizon for most of the year. A surveyor at work with a retroreflector used for distance measurement and orientation. The high permeability of mu-metal provides a low reluctance path for magnetic flux, magnetic shielding made with high-permeability alloys like mu-metal works not by blocking magnetic fields but by providing a path for the magnetic field lines around the shielded area.

Inthe Fennel Kassel company produced the first of the KT1 series of gyro-theodolites. Surveying — Surveying or land surveying is the technique, profession, and science of determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional position of points and the distances and angles between them. It did not include maps showing exact locations, abel Foullon described a plane table inbut it is thought that the instrument was in use earlier as his description is of a developed instrument.


Gyro Theodolite

Meet the needs of measurement precision engineering surveying and mapping unit technical specification; Read More. The terminal gydo shuttle trains that carry vehicles, and is linked to the M20 motorway. In the tunnel and other excavation engineering, the long distance wire which is difficult to ensure the accuracy is generally used in thedoolite measurement of the center line in the pit.

A theodolite is mounted on its head by means of a forced centering plate or tribrach containing four thumbscrews, or in modern theodolites. Before use, a theodolite must be placed vertically above the point to be measured using a plumb bob.

In practice the amplitude of oscillation will only gradually reduce as energy is lost due to the minimal damping present.

When the compass is level, the needle turns until, after a few seconds to allow oscillations to die out. Navy developed the Timation satellite, which proved the feasibility of placing accurate clocks in space, a technology required by GPS.

Gyro Theodolite

View of the data readout of a Geotec FX-1 theodolite, showing azimuth left and elevation right. During operation the gyroscope is supported within the instrument assembly, typically on a thin vertical tape that constrains the gyroscope spinner axis to remain horizontal.

Diagram of a gyro wheel. A map of India showing the Great Trigonometrical Survey, produced in The temperatures are usually high year-round—with the exception of high mountains in South America, the temperature at the Equator can plummet during rainstorms.

Note the different check digits in each. An azimuth listen from theodoliye pl.