While other models may be uncapped Theoryshare supports only the Motorola Surfboard SB – SB Models excluding VOIP models and the SB Cable Modem Hacking Guide With Pictures Version VII Written By SB – SB Models excluding VOIP models and the SB Ok Guys and Gals I decided to put all the tutorials together kind of like a Haynes Manual to modem hacking. Everything that’s covered within is available.

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They have used their monopolized coax networks to deliver broadband to consumers, usually at speeds times faster than dialup.

First we need to copy the pre-updated image image1. Restoring a Compatible Bootloader The physical hardware in the modem performs low-level tasks. The day I arrived, I went directly to the local cable provider to sign up for Internet service.

A Go to the fibercoax tab, and it will be on the top of the page Q Will I have to enter the config file name, each time I reboot? This will reveal two, t screws which need removing c.

Two fiber optic cables are needed: To my amazement, everyone who followed my instructions was also able to successfully uncap both their upstream and downstream speeds.

You should now see the familiar “Press ‘1’, ‘2’ or ‘p'” prompt appear. Knowing wb3100 firmware was compiled is important for the expert cable modem hacker because it is easier to reverse engineer the firmware binaries if you have access to the original code libraries from which it was compiled.


Motorola Modem SB |

However, there is one important factor that is usually hidden in the fine print, which is of course the bandwidth consumption limits. Press enter and enter the following login and password: They gave me a modem and a PCI Ethernet card, along with a half-page contract that said I would not use their services for illegal activities.

Firewall Prevents unauthorized access to your local network by filtering data traffic and blocking certain ports or network services. This virtual system is implemented by the firmware that is executed on the system at startup. His article was reposted on many other websites, which caused massive traffic to my own Web- server.

Hack modem + isp and get high speed

After reading this chapter you will have a better understanding of how important firm- ware really is. This program especially helped users who were unable to accomplish this step manually. Traditional Uncapping No cable modem hacking book could be complete without this, the orig- inal tutorial that was posted many years ago.

A cable modem 28 Chapt er 3 needs to exchange data with the ISP, and because equipment in the television service interferes with return transmissions, many older CATV networks were not suitable for networking. Console commands would allow an authorized service technician to perform various diagnostic field tests in the modem.

The following photos and text were put together by Granty This is a simple method of making a non i.

Hacks:geek: How to Hack Your Cable Modem to Increase Download and Upload Speed

Cable modems are basically miniature computers. As previously mentioned, this checksum is a HMAC-MD5 digest of the entire config file that uniquely iden- tifies its original contents, and it is constructed from the config file using a pas. Each quadrant contains four symbols that are each represented by four bits. Now, plug your sg3100 in but be ready to push P when prompted: In particular, they are essential to upstream bandwidth allocation and service flow structuring.



Well you don’t have to do that. The first three bytes represent the identity of the manufacturer, while the last three bytes represent the unique ID of the interface.

The server should read: A cable coax network is classified as a bus topology, meaning sh3100 all service nodes i. Diagram of sb1300 coaxial cable Hybrid Cable Modems The cable television infrastructure was designed as a one-way communication network, which caused some minor problems for adaptation to internetwork- ing because cable modems require two-way communication.

This book is hafk testimony not only to the amazing things you can accomplish if you try hard enough, but also to the role opportunity plays in a successful exploit. And why was it so easy to accomplish this speed modification? TurboDOX A feature that optimizes the downstream throughput and results in faster downloads.

Legacy cable television works by demodulating blU analog signal that is carried on a coaxial cable informally called a coax cable as shown in Figure It would be a long time before the individual systems could be patched. Making a Chipless Blackcat