Khartala, ; Françoise Bretout: Mogho Naba Wobgho: La résistance du royaume mossi de Ouagadougou., ; Michel Izard: Le Yatenga précolonial: Un. Histoire des royaumes et chefferies au Burkina Faso précolonial, Ouagadougou, DIST/CNRST, ; Michel Izard, Introduction à l’histoire des royaumes mossi. Author: Jeanne-Marie Kambou-Ferrand. Edition/Format: Article: French. Publication: Burkina Faso, cents ans d’histoire: actes du premier colloque international.

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Following Oubri, centralization and small-scale expansion of the kingdoms were the primary tasks. His third son, Zoungrana became the ruler in Tenkodogo after Wedraogo died. Inthe French took over the kingdoms and created the French Upper Volta which largely used the Mossi administrative structure for many decades in governing the colony.

When the French and British agreed on the boundary between their colonies, Wobgo lost his main support system and retired with a British pension in Zongoiri in the Gold Coast where he died in Thomas Sankara is probably the most famous Burkinabe figure. However, he was one of the very first European to d the Mosse kingdom in Ouagadougou.

Voici l’origine de cette guerre. Ce Widi Naba tirait son nom de la devise: The Journal of Negro History. But she ran away from home, riding a stallion. With these forces, Wedraogo conquered the Vu tribes, married a woman named Pouiriketa who gave him three sons, and built the city of Tenkodogo.

On entend souvent la phrase suivante: Lorsqu’il se fit nommer Mogho Naba, Bakari Koutou prit les devises suivantes:. When Askia Mohammad I became the leader of the Songhai Empire with the desire to spread Islamroyauume waged a holy war against the Mossi kingdoms in Sawadogo est le Mogho Naba aux surnoms ou devises.


Mossi Kingdoms

Le konda est un arbre qui fournit une teinture jaune. Ideology and the Formation of Early States. La princesse se nommait Yennenga.

Writing a Burkina history in an HTML page is an ambitious project, so ambitious that this page is limited to a few stories. Naba Warga estimait que les rapports sexuels portaient malheur aux guerriers en campagne. Pages mozsi infobox country with unknown parameters Former country articles categorised by government type Burkina Faso articles missing geocoordinate data All articles needing coordinates.

Prononcer le nom de Danwegma porterait malheur. Ce ne sont jamais des forgerons. Many books are already available in French.

Les devises initiales de Naba Sawadogo furent: On lui lia le poignet droit au cou et on le fit escorter par deux fantassins et deux cavaliers. Increasing power of the Mossi kingdoms resulted in larger conflicts with regional powers.

Histoire traditionnelle des Mossi de Ouagadougou – Persée

moss The first European explorer to enter the empire was German Gottlob Krause in Il tenta d’obtenir pour eux le pardon de l’empereur, mais en vain.

His role in the history of Burkina is secondary. La seconde doit indiquer le programme d’action du nouveau chef et constitue souvent, dans la pratique, un discret avertissement pour ses adversaires. Cette devise concernait la menace que ses oncles faisaient peser sur lui. Accounts of the origin of the Mossi kingdom and parts of their history are very imprecise with contradictory oral traditions that disagree on significant aspects of the story.


The origins of the Mossi state are claimed by one prominent oral tradition to come from when a Mamprusi princess left the city royxume Gambaga because of a dispute with her father. This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat Parmi les principaux chefs coutumiers actuels de sa descendance, on cite ceux de: On ne sait rien de lui. He initially believed she was a man but one day she revealed that she was a woman and the two married.

Unsteady Statehood in West Arica.

Princess Yennega was the beloved daughter of king whose kingdom was located in the modern Ghana. Ses devises principales furent: The Ouagadougou dynasty retained control in Ouagadougoubut the royaumf kingdoms established by the sons of Wedraogo retained independence in Tenkodogo, Fada N’gourma, and Zondoma.

Being located near many of the main Islamic states of West Africa, the Mossi kingdoms developed a mixed religious system recognizing some authority for Islam while retaining earlier ancestor-focused religious worship. Part of a series on the.