Peter Kahrel’s GREP in InDesign, 3rd edition, a page PDF ebook at the end of a story · Making a character lowercase · Video tutorial on GREP (pre CS3) . A GREP Style is a way to apply a character style to some text inside a paragraph, based on a GREP pattern. GREP, as we’ve discussed, is a. InDesign Secrets provides a list of GREP resources at . string only if it is followed by the specified pattern.

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Search only selected text.

Select it on the Query list and click the Delete Query button. To load a query that was given to you so that it appears in the Query list, copy the query file to the appropriate location:. Find and remove unwanted text.

Tips & Techniques: An InDesign GREP tutorial

If fonts are not completely embedded in graphics, the font name may not be listed in the Find Font dialog box. Define the Find What and Change To fields.

Thursday, June 21, 6: Search the entire document or All Documents to search grp open documents. Select one or more font names in the Fonts In Document list.


Click on the magnifying glass icon to the right of the “Change Format” field, and choose the Paragraph Style you created in the “Style Options” category. InDesign Secrets provides a clear example about finding and changing glyphs at Finding and Changing Glyphs.

The positive lookahead matches the search string only if it is followed by the specified pattern. For example, you can choose the Phone Number Tutirial query, which looks like this:. Thursday, July 12, Type or paste the text you want to find. You may also need to expand your search.

Class of characters [ ]. GREP uses a number of common symbols for coding expressions. Save the GREP search as a query if you intend to run it often or share it with someone else. For example, you could use these expressions:. Searches for only the word or words that exactly match the capitalization of the text in the Find What box.

To search for metacharacters such as em dashes or bullet characters, you may want to select the text first and paste it into the Find What box to spare the trouble of entering metacharacters.


Use advanced, inedsign search techniques to search for and replace text and formatting. Searches for text on layers that have been locked using the Layer Options dialog box. The question mark after the brackets indicate that the items within it are optional in the search.


Windows Vista and Windows 7. For example, if you use the same font three times in the layout and three times in imported graphics, it will be grel in the Find Font dialog box four times—once for all layout instances, and three more times for each imported graphic.

Click the button beside the Glyph box, and then double-click a glyph on the panel.

Using GREP styles in InDesign

Find gdep change formatted text. Like you, my example with? Tuesday, January 22, 8: You can also choose wildcard options such as Any Digit or Any Character. Do one of the following to enter the glyph you want to find in the Glyph box:. I am trying to replace spaces that I am using find to detect find will detect spaces simply by hitting the space tutorjal and then replace them with a tab.

You can even replace text with a graphic you copied.