IPCB Naming Convention for Surface Mount Device 3D Models and Footprints. The 3D CAD solid electronic modes/footprint (land pattern) naming. The IPC Land Pattern Viewer is provided on CD-ROM as part of the IPC- Updates to land pattern dimensions, including patterns for new component . IPCB Naming Convention for Standard SMT Land Patterns. Surface Mount Land Patterns. Component, Category. Land Pattern Name.

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This includes single-sided, double-sided and multilayer boards with rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex base materials.

The assembly process for two-sided SMT is simply a sequential combination of SMT processes, however, component weight vs. During this planning phase, the product function and coniguration 3. Figure compares the top surface attached die to the cavity down coniguration.

IPC-7351 SMD & PTH Reference Calculators

Plastic trays and reels must be transported and stored in moisture 7531b containers. Polyimide quartz fused Same as polyimide aramid iber, X-Y Thermal conductivity, Z-axis Volume fraction of iber can be low resin content required.

The schematic symbol displays up to 24 pins. There are several lead pitches within the family from 1. Selective finishes may be necessary based on the mix of component types, lead pitch and attachment process or lead ip finish characteristics.

Virtually every registration or alignment operation that is performed has some potential for misregistration. The ipf alloys consist of 0. 735b holes, panel size, component orientation and clearance areas both component and conductor on the primary and secondary sides of the printed board are all equipment and process dependent.

Longer columns, on the other-hand, may reduce electrical performance and will increase the overall package profile. Pins can vary in size within this construction.

IPCB Naming Convention for Surface Mount Device 3D Models and Footprints – PCB 3D

Its small area, low height, and minimal weight are its major advantages over DIPs. While the principal members of the Surface Mount Land Patterns Subcommittee of the Printed Board Design Committee are shown below, it is not possible to include all of those who assisted in the evolution of this standard.


To facilitate the X-Y coordinate information, a datum position must be established on the printed board surface. The other matrix is smaller by one row and column see Figure The distinction concerns the point at which leads, if desired, are attached to the ceramic body.

Each surface mount device is aligned using the body center and a starting orientation for reference. In other words, the irst pass yields must be extremely high to justify this approach. Printed board handling holes typically 3.

IPC SMD & PTH Reference Calculators – PCB Libraries Forum – Page 1

Some of the application features that must be considered in selection of a suitable surface finish are given in Ippc 7531b is also included that provides design recommendations for creating the best possible solder joints between component terminations and these lands.

Perfect form is required at maximum dimensions d. Because of the small land geometries, heat applied to the printed board should be minimized.

Before exposing the loaded assembly to VP reflow process, preheating the assembly is highly recommended to avoid thermal shock to components and the printed board.

As with plastic DIPs, they have the advantage of low cost as compared to ceramic packages see Figure The actual product test strategy must be organized by all of the concurrent engineering team members who will be involved in the testing process. Because the printed boards do not receive signiicant direct radiation from the heating source, convection soldering avoids the shadowing problems that can occur with infrared soldering machines, especially short wavelength lamp versions.

The courtyard excess number is added to each side of the dimension in question. Functional testing may also employ the same test nodes used for in-circuit test but will include all connectors that interface to cables and other assemblies. Concurrent engineering is the principle vehicle by which test priorities can and should be moved up to the beginning of the design cycle and addressed with a higher priority. Bulk packaging is not acceptable because of lead coplanarity requirements required for placement and soldering.


This solid block is rugged and capable of withstanding the harsh environment and treatment associated with manufacturing processes see Figure The dimensions used for component descriptions have been extracted from standards listed in Section 2.

The tolerances on land position and printing accuracy need to be considered when calculating the maximum allowable over-print.

IPC-7351B Naming Convention for Surface Mount Device 3D Models and Footprints

Exceeding the limitation of these capabilities requires concurrence of all participants in the process including manufacturing, engineering and test technology. These materials can be tailored to provide a wide variety of material properties based on resins, core materials, core thickness, and processing methods. After users download manufacturer specifications for their parts and enter the minimum and maximum tolerances, it determines the optimal land pattern for that package.

It should be noted that In high-density SMT designs the spacing between lands of different components are often less than 0. The number of fatigue cycles before solder joint failure depends on the thermal expansion mismatch between the part and the printed board structure, the temperature range over which the assembly must operate, the solder joint thickness, the size of the part and the power cycling. The SOT23 package is the most common three-lead surface mount coniguration.

This mismatch will fracture solder joint interconnections if the assembly is subjected to thermal shock, thermal cycling, power cycling and high operating temperatures. The land pattern provided on the host substrate is opposite of the contact pattern with A1 contact position again at the upper left. The iducial and a circuit pattern artwork must be etched in the same step. Designers can create land patterns for more than 5, popular parts included in the component family descriptions explained in the standard as well as for a vast array of other customized component packages.