Mandible / maxilla – Benign tumors / tumor-like conditions: juvenile ossifying fibroma. Juvenile ossifying fibroma is a rare, benign fibro-osseous tumour. In the light of a clinical case, the authors review the diagnosis, treatment and histological. Introduction. Juvenile ossifying fibroma is a rare benign fibro-osseous lesion. It is characterized by the early age of onset, the localization of the tumor, the.

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All these features were suggestive of fibrous dysplasia.

Juvenile Ossifying Fibroma of the Mandible: a Case Report

Coronal section CBCT image showing displacement of the inferior alveolar nerve canal buccally Click here to view. A diagnostic clue for differentiating these two lesions is that ossifying fibroma has a well-circumscribed and sharply defined margin which is absent in case of FD.

Post-operative recovery was uneventful, and patient was discharged after 1 week following surgery. Therefore, some authors were recommended en block resection as an adequate treatment [ 12 juvfnile, 28 ]. Find articles by Abdullah Demirkan. The copyright, license information and link to the original publication on http: Noffke [ 21 ] after jugenile year follow-up of a juvenile ossifying fibroma in the left mandible of a 4 year old boy demonstrated initial lack of radiological evidence of demarcation and subsequent eccentric enlargement, selective tooth displacement and a multilocular appearance in areas of active growth.


Diagnosis was based on the presence of ossifyiny of fibrillar osteoid and woven bone fragments Figure 6. Large radiolucent area on right side of molar.

Juvenile active ossifying fibroma – Wikipedia

Aggressive psammomatoid ossifying fibromas of the sinonasal region: In MAS, fibrous dysplasia affecting the facial bone can be worsened when it is associated with acromegaly which is a rare manifestation of endocrine hyperfunction. Int J Surg Pathol. The most ossfying affected facial bone is the maxilla, with facial asymmetry being the chief complaint. Pharyngeal air column displaced to opposite site.

Shekhar MG, Bokhari K.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. ABSTRACT Background Fibro-osseous lesions of the jaws, including juvenile ossifying fibroma, pose diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties due to their clinical, radiological and histological variability. She also felt a pain and inflammation in this area. A rare case report.

Moreover, an unusual clinical presentation with apparent aggressive and destructive growth may be expected when the lesion is encountered in a younger patient, especially below the age of 15 years [ 2426 ]. It is the standard of care to have a histopathologic confirmation for osaifying suspected malignant lesion before administering any forms of chemotherapy because of the potential morbidity associated with these types of medications.


MRI axial image shows a large tumour which causes destruction of body and ramus of the right mandible arrow. juveenile

Juvenile psammomatoid ossifying fibroma – A case report. View at Google Scholar D. Juvenile ossifying fibroma of the mandible. Bony fibromaa swelling with vestibular obliteration. Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg. Expansile lesion of the left frontal sinus. Radiolucent, poorly circumscribed expansile mass. Well defined swelling obliterating the vestibule. A 7-year old female child presented to the pediatric unit of our institution with a 9-month history of right maxillary tumor. Received Jan 22; Accepted Mar 7.

Accessed December 31st, Histopathological features include irregular trabeculae of woven bone, blending into the surrounding normal bone that lies within a cellular fibrous stroma.

Incomplete resection causes recurrence in aggressive tumours. Waldron in classified FOLs into three major groups, namely, fibrous dysplasia, cementoosseous dysplasia, and ossifying fibroma [ 4 ]. Find articles by Bahar Keles.

Can demonstrate rapid growth, causing local destruction and facial asymmetry Paranasal sinus or orbital bone involvement can cause nasal obstruction, proptosis, exophthalmia and visual changes Some lesions are found incidentally on routine radiographic exams.