Descriptions and articles about the Garlicvine, scientifically known as Mansoa alliacea (Lam.) A. H. Gentry in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; D. It is cataloged under two main Latin names, Mansoa alliacea and Pseudocalymma alliaceum, although several other synonyms are used as well. Its Spanish. Mansoaalliacea (Lam.) is used for fevers, colds, cough, and upper respiratory condition. In present study, phytochemical analysis of different.

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The Shipibo-Conibo prepare the bark into a poultice to use on bumps, swellings and inflammatory conditions of the skin. Chemicals reported in ajos sacha thus far include: It is these com-pounds which are responsible for the garlic-like odor and taste of ajos sacha.

Mansoa alliacea is a showy climbing vine for strong supportive structures. Water just enough to make the potting mixture moist, but allow the top centimeter 0. It is cataloged under two main Latin names, Mansoa alliacea and Pseudocalymma alliaceumalthough several other synonyms are used as well. The entire plant — roots, stems and leaves — is used in herbal medicine systems in Peru and Brazil.

Deep lavender flowers with white throat are fading to a paler lavender as they mature. It can either be described as a shrub or a vine apliacea it produces numerous woody vines from the root that grow only m tall and form a shrub-like appearance.


The information contained in this plant database file is intended for education, entertainment and information purposes only.

Mansoa alliacea

Other Brazilian researchers reported in that an ethanol leaf extract of this plant demonstrated vasodilator actions in rats and attributed this action, at least in part, to the leaves’ antioxidant chemicals. Requires regular watering, especially during the flowering period. Semi-hardwood cuttings can be taken for propagation. Reduce watering in resting period.

The Tropical Plant Database. In research published ina water extract of ajos sacha leaves was reported to have an antioxidant effect which was attributed to the anthocyanin compounds found in the plant.

Mansoa hirsuta which is found predominately in Brazil and the two plants share many alliaacea the same active plant chemicals.

Crushed leaves smell like garlic, although of course the plant is not related to the common edible onion or garlic at all. Mansoa alliacea Common name: Please refer to our Conditions of Alpiacea for using this plant database file and manspa site. Powered on Amazon cloud. Please read the Conditions of Useand Copyright Statement for this web page and web site. The Mansoa alliacea species of ajos sacha is found mostly in Peru.

Mansoa alliacea – Wikipedia

The plant described herein is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, mitigate or prevent any disease. Ajos sacha produces bright green leaves up to 15 cm long and beautiful deep lavender flowers with a white throat that fade to a pale lavender, then to almost white. Move the young plants of Mansoa alliacea into pots one or two size lagers in summer. The plant is a climbing vine that turns woody and heavy over time.


The Wayapi put the leaves in a bath to treat feverish conditions. The masoa compounds the predominate ones being alliin and various allyl sulfides in both garlic and ajos sacha have been studied by many and reported over the years to be able to lower cholesterol. During the active growing period water plentifully — enough to keep the potting mixture thoroughly moist, but do not overwater.

It is a vigorous grower and establishes quickly. It is especially abundant in the nansoa near the Amazon, Ucayali and in the Peruvian Amazon. Secondly, its specific garlic-like odor when parts of plants are crushed. The leaves are bright green. It is considered analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antirheumatic and widely used for arthritis, rheumatism, body aches and pain, and muscle aches, injuries and pain.