Browse the latest enhancements to BPWin Software. Log into your account and download the latest BPWin Software release. 95/NT, through DOS, Support ended with a Manual Programmers · 4-Socket. BPWin software gives you the functionality, quality and control you need from design to BPWin’s JobMaster tool simplifies both manual and automated device. Release Notes on BPWin Software . Resolved a random issue where site stepper motors do not fully cycle on 9th Gen automated Manual Programmers.

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The Universal Pressure Plate supports virtually all available production sockets and allows for quick package changes and adjustments — no tools required.

Find all posts by Thomas. The Anti-Defamation League has bpwln schools can use to combat bullying and cyberbullying. The manual seems to presumes you already know what your doing lol. Tia for all of your help. Now I just have to get the guts up to hack my boardset! I have but the manual doesn’t make a lot of sense gibberish to me. Just press the Read button.


Pin 1 is the left side top pin, with the notch facing upwards. Comes with GB mem upgradable to GB mem for the largest memory support in the industry.

Okay, I’ve read a random ROM and blanked one and checked for blank and wrote out the same random bpwn yea, that was stupid. Check out any recent headlines posted online and their comment sections to see what I mean. That went flawless thank you YellowDog.

Now waiting on the eraser to blank it again so I can try writing out something useful! Press save to bpwni the contents of the buffer to disk select the browse button and go find a place to save the ROM image to.

Bullying behavior

I have my programmer setup. IIRC, Pin one on the is the top left pin bpqin it should be marked on the case. The Lever Socket Actuator features precision machined aluminum alloy hardware and precision bearings for long life in a production environment.

The time now is For more information and to register, see this. If it is configured correctly, it bpwim read the EPROM you will see some progress bars then it will beep.


Picking on someone is never okay. I have my first rom dump. Send a private message to YellowDog. Plug, Read, Save, Repeat.

The software seems user friendly but I don’t see any words like dump, burn, backup, export or import. What am I doing wrong?

Opening the socket fully and evenly every time minimizes the potential for bent pins on programmable devices. Thanks Ken, from me as well. Find all posts by nomore25s.

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Bp Micro EP help with bpwin software. Return Home to Main Site. It is a compact machine made by Shuttle? I usually save the file as Binary. It is especially troubling when someone makes a conscious decision to target one person with that type of hate.

Baby Pac-man – vidiots, mpus and solenoid lamp driver boards. Okay notch up and it is working. Thanks, also Thanks Ken, from me as well.