The Witness for MacBook OS X

The Witness for MacBook OS X

The Witness for MacBook OS X team proudly present another great game now available for Mac computers. The Witness for MacBook OS X can be downloaded right now through torrent or direct as .dmg image file. Official the game wasn’t released for OS X but the team converted the game and now any mac owner can enjoy it. The Witness is a puzzle game and according to the website IGN one of the best game in released in 2016.

The Witness for MacBook OS X gameplay

This 3D puzzle video game has been developed by the Thekla company. The developers made the game open world and later has been ported on iOS devices. 90% from game customers rate it with very positive votes, all of they was very pleased with the good work by developers. The Witness for MacBook OS X can be played only in single player. This is a cracked version that not required cd-key and also you don’t need additional software to run it on you Macintosh. Once downloaded just drag the game folder from .dmg file into applications folder and enjoy it.

Game Requirements:

Probably any mac computer from 2012 and up can run The Witness. This version of game was been tested and works on all MacBooks and iMacs.

  • RAM: 2GB
  • GHz: 1.8
  • Free Space: 5.1 GB
  • OS X: 10.8.3 minimum

The Witness for MacBook OS X DOWNLOAD

Direct Download         Torrent Download  
The game may be downloaded through torrent and direct. Direct mean to get .dmg file and torrent to download it by using uTorrent or BitTorrent. Choose the best method for you and enjoy it. Once you download The Witness for mac just open dmg and copy the folder inside to applications.


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